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ScorpionEXO Covert Waxed Riding Men's Street Motorcycle Jackets

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Brand: ScorpionEXO


  • 12 oz. denim with paraffin waxed coating
  • 165 gsm DuPont Kevlar lining
  • Polyester mesh lining
  • Mesh pockets on elbows, shoulders & back for optional sas-tec ce armor

Details: When you don't want to wear a heavy riding jacket, but need more than just a t-shirt; that's where the Covert Waxed Riding Shirt comes in. We infused 12oz denim with a unique mixture of micro and technical waxes to make a riding shirt that looks and feels like a classic work shirt, but protects against wind, water, and abrasion. Additionally it is fully lined with 165G DuPont Kevlar fiber to resist tearing and add strength. Exo-Stitch safety seams and mesh armor pockets at the elbows, shoulders, and back (for optional Sas-Tec armor) enable you to add protection from impact. Scorpion has combined the best of old and new technologies to deliver style, comfort, and safety.