RSD Venturi Air Cleaner Speed-5 Chrome for Harley FLT 08-10

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Brand: RSD

Color: black


  • Exposed filter design that enhances airflow
  • Backing plate promotes smooth airflow into carburetor/throttle body
  • Built-in internal crank case breathers
  • Contrast Cut finish starts with a polished venturi air cleaner faceplate that has been black anodized, then recut to open up the design
  • Platinum Cut uses the same process as the Contrast Cut, but the recut areas are hand polished to a brilliant shine


  • Exposed Filter Design That Enhance Air Flow
  • Backing Plate Promotes Smooth Airflow Into Carburetor/throttle Body
  • Built-In Internal Crank Case Breathers
  • Includes High-Volume Air Filter
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • Made in the USA
  • Style: Speed-5
  • Color: Chrome

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  • Item Condition: New