Jagg 750-1700, Harley-Davidson 6 Row Deluxe Diamond Cut Vertical Frame Mount Oil Cooler System Harley-Davidson DiamondCut Deluxe Oil Cooler System

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Brand: Jagg


  • Available as a limited edition, the Jagg Deluxe Diamond Cut oil cooler kit features precisely machined end-caps with hundreds of angled cuts that reflect light and dress up any bike.
  • Quality, Style, Performance: The Jagg Deluxe oil cooler was the first Jagg oil cooler.
  • Designed with the brushed air fins of the for Harley-Davidson engine in mind, this stylish item mounts in the direct airflow as a functional solution for any H-D application.
  • 6-row, 2-pass Jagg oil cooler design
  • End caps feature Diamond Cut fins to complement brushed cylinder fins

Item Condition: New