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Hot Cams Stage 1 Camshaft for Honda CRF 450R 450X TRX 450ER

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Brand: Hot Cams

Color: Regular


  • high performance racing camshafts
  • stage 1 & 2 performance camshafts are drop-in cams that are designed to be used with stock valve springs
  • in most applications stage 1 cams deliver more torque and stage 2 cams provide more peak horsepower
  • new gold series camshafts are designed to provide extra torque and horsepower.  these camshafts require the use of stiffer valve springs

Details: Stage 1: Single-Cam Motor Excellent Bottom End and Mid-Range Increase Uses Stock Valve Springs Uses Stock Auto-Decompression Mechanism Intake: Lift (Mm): 9.60 Intake Lobe Center (Degrees): 109.00 Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 238.00 Intake Valve Lash (Mm): 0.15 Exhaust: Lift (Mm): 8.80 Exhaust Lobe Center (Degrees): 103.25 Duration (Degrees at 1mm): 270.00 Exhaust Valve Lash (Mm): 0.28 Note: For Inches, Divide Mm Values by 25.4 Fits the Following Honda Models: CRF450R 2002-2006 CRF450X 2005-2007 TRX450ER 2006-2007 TRX450R 2004-2008 Please Note: The Image Displayed Is Representative of Hot Cams Camshafts, but Will Vary Depending on Your Specific Model. Do Not Purchase Based on Image Alone.

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