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Golan Products 76-312D-BLK 22mm Petcock DNWD Black (5/16 Hose)

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Brand: Golan Products


  • Best fuel valve. Period.
  • Made in U.s.A.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Details: Finally, a reliable high flow Petcock valve that works every time, All the time; "Golan Products" click-slick motorcycle Petcock is the world's first ball-bearing Petcock with detents and stops for quick, effortless switching from "on" to "off" to "reserve". you can now switch Petcock positions with confidence, with each position having its own distinctive audible click and easy to feel detent. In the "off" position, the spring-loaded ball plunges down on the O-ring seat to secure any leak from the Petcock to the carburetor. The lever motion is virtually friction-free; using an internal ball bearing system that reduces the effort needed to move the lever. The ball bearings completely eliminate traditionally rough, sticky or frozen valve action. They hold each valve position firmly in place, unaffected by vibration. The 90 degree movement between each detent ensures safe positive Transition from "on" to "reserve" while riding. This Petcock valves can be altered to set the amount of reserve gas available by shortening or removing (twist off) the reserve pickup tube for racing or shallow tanks (see illustration). for cruisers and radical custom tanks, long petcocks are available. The long reserve pickup tube and screen also sold separately. Completely machined from brass bar stock, constructed with stainless steel components and two standard size Viton O-rings, this Petcock is built to last a lifetime.

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EAN: 0172303071015

Binding: Automotive

Item Condition: New