Dynojet Stage 1/3 Jet Kit for Yamaha Maxim 1100 XS ELEVEN Special 1980-1983

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Brand: Dynojet

Details: Designed for Motorcycles With a Stock Engine Using the Stock Airbox, Air Filter, and Stock or Aftermarket Pipe Stage 1 Kits Are Fully Adjustable to Allow the Use of Well-Designed Aftermarket Pipes and K&N Stock Replacement Air Filters Stage 1 Kits Are Designed to Improve Throttle Response and Driveability in Most Cases; Power Increases of Approximately 5% Throughout the Entire Power Range Can Be Achieved Designed for Motorcycles With Stock or Mildly Modified Engines Using K&N Individual Air Filters and a Stock or Aftermarket Pipe In Most Cases Power Increases of 10-15% Can Be Achieved However, Driveability May Be Compromised Particularly With Short Stroke High RPM Motors On Some Modern Engine and Airbox Designs, Individual Filters and Proper Jetting Offer No Performance Improvement, Yet Compromise Driveability In Such Cases Stage 3 Kits Are Not Available Fits the Following Yamaha Models: MAXIM 1100 1982-1983 XS ELEVEN SPECIAL 1980-1981 Please Note: The Image Displayed Is Representative of the Item, but May Vary Depending on Your Specific Model.

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