Dynojet Research Jet Kit - Stage 1 And 2 1107

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Brand: Dynojet


  • Average horsepower increases of 15%-25%!
  • Each DynoJet kit is precisely engineered to provide a simple and cost effective solution for all your riding needs
  • Kit includes jets, needle, spring, shim and instructions
  • Stage 1: stock engine/filters, stock/modified pipes; about a 5% power increase
  • Stage 2: stock/mild modified engine, stock/ modified pipes, stock/modified filters; about an 8% power increase

Details: Designed for Motorcycles With a Stock Engine Using the Stock Airbox, Air Filter, and Stock or Aftermarket Pipe Stage 1 Kits Are Fully Adjustable to Allow the Use of Well-Designed Aftermarket Pipes and K&N Stock Replacement Air Filters Stage 1 Kits Are Designed to Improve Throttle Response and Driveability in Most Cases; Power Increases of Approximately 5% Throughout the Entire Power Range Can Be Achieved Designed for Motorcycles With a Stock or Mildly Modified Engine Using a Well-Designed Stock or Aftermarket Pipe With a Modified Airbox and a Stock or K&N Replacement Air Filter Stage 2 Kits Are Designed for Applications Where Individual Air Filters Cannot Be Installed and for Applications Where Airbox Modifications Improve Overall Engine Performance In Most Cases Power Increases of Approximately 8% Can Be Achieved Please Note: The Image Displayed Is Representative of the Item, but May Vary Depending on Your Specific Model.

EAN: 2395070225339

Item Condition: New