Dynojet 22-017 Power Commander V Fuel Injection Module (PCV) Yamaha FJR 1300 2006-2012

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Brand: Dynojet


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  • Warranty: Yes

Release Date: 11-01-2016

Details: The PCV Uses RPM and Throttle Position Inputs to Base Fuel Adjustments On. In Some Cases, Additional Inputs Can Be Used Such as Cylinder Head or Water Temperature as Well as Gear Position or Boost. The PCV Has 250 Rpm Resolution and 10 Throttle Position Columns Giving You Up to 360 Individual Mapping Points for Fuel and an Equal Number for Ignition Timing (If Ignition Equipped). This Is the Kind of "Point Specific" Adjustability That Is Necessary With Today's Bikes and the Parts That Are Available for Them. Reduced Size - Less Than Half the Size of PCIII USB Powered From Computer - 9 Volt Adapter Is No Longer Needed for Programming Two Position Map Switching Function Built in (Map Switch Not Included) Gear Position - Allows for Map Adjustment Based on Gear Ten Throttle Position Columns - Up From Nine on PCIII Built in Quick Shifter Adjustability - Adjustable Per Gear (Sensor and Shift Rods Not Included) Enhanced Accel Pump Adjustment - Unit Reads Engine Temp and Allows Fuel Adjustments Based on It Individual Cylinder Mapping Analog Input - Allows Use to Use Any 0-5 Volt Sensor and Build an Adjustment Table on Its Input Such as Boost Please Note: The Image Displayed Is Representative of the Item, but May Vary Depending on Your Specific Model.

Binding: Automotive

Item Condition: New