AGV Pista/Corsa Scratch Resistant Shield with Tear Off Posts

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Brand: AGV


  • A.G.V.
  • is an acronym that stands for Amisano Gino Valenza.
  • Gino Amisano is the founder of the company, and Valenza Po is the city in which AGV came to life in 1947.
  • The logo is nothing other than "Ago"'s helmet as seen from behind.
  • Or rather, the way so many riders would see it while being beaten by the Italian champion.

Details: The colors are those of the Italian flag, as to confirm AGV's great pride of its connection to its homeland. After a few modifications throughout its lifetime, the brand continues to win while being worn by great champions, like Valentino Rossi.Replacement shield for the AGV Pista and Corsa helmets.XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) visor mechanism in metal with roto-translation opening. Visor front micro-lock system that reduces the risk of accidental opening in the event of an accident. Quick release system for tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds.Race flat, Class 1 optical standards, non-scratch and anti-fog visor (4 layers) with wide field of vision.Tear-off posts (tear-offs sold separately).Iridium shield colors may vary.