Metzeler Roadtec 01 Rear Tire (190/55ZR-17)

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Brand: Metzeler

Color: black


  • The Sport Touring World is Changing: Take the Road with ROADTEC™ 01.
  • ROADTEC™ 01 is the latest evolution in Metzeler touring tires.
  • With a focus on enhancing grip on wet and low friction surfaces, increased mileage, and a high degree of adaptability to different motorcycles, riding styles, and conditions, the ROADTEC™ 01 provides modern solutions to past and future needs.
  • Increased Grip Across a Wide Range of Riding Environments: The employment of completely new tread design, enhancing mechanical grip coupled with compounds evolved from those of tests-winner ROADTEC™ Z8, allows for increased confidence and feeling wh
  • Extended Mileage and Performance Consistency: New profile (larger and shorter contact patch) in combination with improved compounds ensure extended performance and tire life.

Details: Load Rating: 75 Position: Rear Rim Size: 17 Speed Rating: (W) Tire Application: Sport Tire Construction: Radial Tire Size: 190/55-17 Tire Type: Street Increased grip on wet roads, with a focus on low friction surfaces (such as city streets and worn tarmac, low temperature), thanks to radial positioning of grooves. Rebalanced tire stiffness to allow a better adherence of the rubber with the tarmac micro-asperities, increasing mechanical grip even on lower friction surfaces. Belt and carcass tension parameters upgraded to increase stability on rear tires during strong braking. Increased mileage vs. Roadtec Z8 Interact (up to 10%), thanks to a different footprint shape (larger and shorter) which also enhances motorcycle handling. Higher wear resistance, obtained through a revised land/ sea ratio on the rear tire in conjunction with the new tread design, ensures product performance consistency allowing users to enjoy the tire for its entire service life. Metzeler multi-compound rear on selected sizes, with increased harmonization between the different compounds. Blackwall. Tubeless (TL). (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph. The use of the tire and other vehicle data and information accessible through this webpage is limited to persons located in the United States of America and Canada.ALTHOUGH THE DATA IS BELIEVED TO BE ACCURATE, NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE IS MADE REGARDING THE QUALITY OR ACCURACY OF THE DATA.All data should be verified by a tire professional, the vehicle placard (typically located on an inside door panel or on frame), and/or the vehicle owners manual.

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