Metzeler Lasertec Front Tire (100/90-18H)

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Brand: Metzeler


  • The newest materials and compound technology combined with a classic tread pattern to enhance the performance of your bike.
  • Compound with high Silica developed for outstanding grip both in dry and in wet enhancing riding performance.
  • Sport Touring carcass design with lighter, more resistant polyester fiber giving higher comfort and improving handling.
  • Classic tread pattern design ensuring effective water dispersal for safe wet riding and wear regularity with long-lasting mileage.
  • Technical Data: Multiple Radius Contour: Engineering technology for contour design dedicated to high performance riding.


  • Proven Tread Patterns for All-Weather Riding
  • Tread Pattern Design Provides Excellent Water Drainage That Reduces Hydroplaning, Enhancing Wet Performance for Safe Riding in All Weather Conditions
  • Special Compounds Ensure Higher Braking Performance on Both Wet and Dry Surfaces
  • Classic Tread Pattern Is Designed to Prevent Irregular Wear and Cupping
  • Multiple-Radius Contour Design Is Tuned Specifically for the Bias-Tire Touring Segment and Provides Radial-Type Handling
  • High Silica Content of the New Compounds Helps Provide Outstanding Grip in All Weather Conditions and Reduces Rolling Resistance to Improve Mileage
  • H-Rated for Speeds Up to 130 Mph
  • Tubeless Type
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