Dynojet Ignition Module for Power Commander 5: 05-06 Kawasaki ZX636

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Your Power Commander has optimized your fuel ratio for better performance, now update your spark advance curve with our Ignition Module. This easy to install device can change timing in each individual cylinder and is one more way that you can get your vehicle to push the limit.


Once connected to your Power Commander V, our Ignition Module can give you exponentially more control over your performance gains. It allows +/- 20 degrees of spark advance adjustment, and can adjust it per cycling and per gear for multiple optimization options.

  • Adjust timing based on temp and boost inputs
  • Individual cylinder timing
  • Gear position timing


This device is perfect for those with Power Commanders that don’t have built-in ignition controls. The Ignition Module helps raise the rev limit and create timing adjustment. It installs easily to your Power Commander and uses OEM connectors to plug in-line to the stock ignition with no wiring required.

  • Built-in launch limiter
  • Boost/nitrous retard timing
  • Pit lane limiter